"...as rocking as your mom's old records, taking inspiration from the past to propel rock music into the future."  - Pop Dust



Based in Provo, Utah, Festive People takes the groove of the 70s and combines it with the synth sounds of the 80s. Festive People released In the Black, their first full-length album, on August 3rd 2018. The band has been honored to play events such as Stadium of Fire, Timpanogos Music Festival, Colorado's Mountain Air Music Series, and Provo's Rooftop Concert Series. 

John Lane // Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Skylar Hansen // Lead Guitar

Dillon Boss // Bass

Brennan Tolman // Drums

Cameron Faerber // Synth

"Every song on the LP shows a logical and ambitious progression from their earlier sequences. Although tracks like opener "BOXCAR", "BEHAVE", and "LOVER, NOT A FRIEND" maintain Festive People's knack for energetic and dense pop gems, other pieces reveal marked shifts in tone and/or timbres. For instance, "SPIN MY EYES" is a somber acoustic guitar ballad (with dreamy electronic accentuation) at its core, whereas "MESMERIZED" matches the silky hooks of Death Cab for Cutie with the glittery charm of Portugal. The Man and Cage the Elephant. Later, "HOSTAGE" actually infuses a bit of 1980s Michael Jackson-esque beats into its multifaceted aural collage, while the title track ["IN THE BLACK"] feels like a sparser and slower B-side from Sufjan Stevens' The Age of Adz (in all the best ways)."


                                         - Pop Matters






Live at Provo, Utah's Rooftop Concert Series



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Provo, Utah, United States

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